New MIY Patron Joins to Change the Perception of IT

By Fluid IT Consulting
schedule11th Jan 22

Digital transformation specialists Fluid recently joined Made in Yorkshire as their latest IT and Digital expert patron. Managing Director Jonty Abbott and the team have been keen advocates for Made in Yorkshire for quite some time, understanding the importance of knowledge sharing within the sector. Now that they are official patrons, Fluid hopes to change the perception of IT and bust the myth that digital transformation is expensive and the preserve of big corporates. 

Established over eight years ago, Fluid is a team with IT, Change and Digital experts based in Leeds. Having helped manufacturers improve their performance through the application of technology across the country, they are dedicated to helping to deliver change into this integral sector. Jonty said:

“We help drive digital transformation for businesses big and small that improves productivity and efficiency. Industry 4.0 and emerging technologies are hard to ignore. After Brexit and the pandemic they have climbed the agenda further still forcing everyone to consider the benefits. As we begin to see Industry 5.0 arrive more manufacturers and businesses alike need to understand the opportunity digital transformation presents to stay competitive or outperform their competitors.” 

Jonty first heard about the Made in Group from fellow patrons Karen Tinkler from The Partners Group and Stephen Crow from Clarion. After joining a round table discussion with Clarion, Jonty discovered Fluid had similar goals to other MIY patrons, which is to educate the sector in their expertise and understand each other's businesses. Jonty continued:

“We were recommended to join Made in Yorkshire by our trusted peers Karen and Stephen and, as we always put people first in our business, we took the recommendation seriously. Professional relationships and building trust is the foundation is our philosophy.” 

Fluid’s dedication to educate and open a channel of communication between businesses is in line with the goals of Made in Yorkshire, making them a perfect match for the group. The firm is looking forward to learning more about MIY members and the community in general. Jonty said:

“We believe there are two types of people in industry when it comes to digital. People looking for recommendations on how tech can help them move forward and those who are looking to better understand how it can do that.” 

Fluid takes a holistic approach to digital transformation considering people, process and technology, and in that order. When it comes to connecting with MIY members, they are looking to understand their individual business needs, see where digital may be able to help and make recommendations where they see opportunities. With this people first approach the firm aims to become a trusted advisor to the Made in Yorkshire community. Jonty concluded:

“With extensive experience working with Manufacturers in IT and Digital, we can give members advice on their existing solutions and providers. As an independent and solution agnostic company there’s no agenda so we can work as part of a manufacturers team and keep what’s right for them at the heart of everything we do. We’re keen to hear about manufacturers business growth plans and advise on how IT and Digital can help. You don’t necessarily have to deliver everything that Industry 4.0 has to offer. But understanding the opportunities it provides and making decisions on what and what isn’t right is key. Then it’s about embracing change at a pace you can sustain.’